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Saturday, May 14, 2011

Turkish Delight!

Hello again all the way from Afghanistan. I hope that this blog post finds you all in high spirits and good health. Things are well here, that is, as well as to be expected.

While reading the next several paragraphs, you must keep in mind that I am in the thick of the war. This is absolutely a hot combat zone. My posts in the past have been filled with details of very hot and sexual stories of my experiences. This post, unfortunately, cannot contain too much detail to avoid revealing too much about myself and my location. Also, these events may not seem as erotic as ones in the past, but you must keep in mind that although details are plainer, I am still cuckolding my husband from across the world in a combat zone.

Even while I was still in Colorado waiting to leave for my deployment, hubby was begging me to cuckold him while I was gone. Training and traveling can be stressful. I honestly blocked out all thoughts of sex and cuckoldry for about two months. Despite this, hubby never let up. He asked me daily if I had found anyone to cuckold him with. I just wasn’t seeing men as anything sexual. I missed my family and I was stressed beyond all compare. Hubby hoped that I would eventually calm my nerves and find someone to unwind with. I think, in the back of his mind that he always figured that it would be another military member. I am sure that he was just certain that the choice man would at least be an American… My, how life throws us all curve balls!

I seemed to walk everyday as if I were wearing blinders. I didn’t notice men and I especially didn’t seem to notice the sexual yearning that had been growing for nearly two months. Our base is inhabited with all branches of the military, several forces from other countries, local nationals and third country nationals (foreign contractors). Several fellow team members kept ranting about how much fun they had when they visited the Turkish compound on our base. I heard stories of how nice the Turks were. The Turks are foreign civilian contractors. They have their own compound within our base. They are very friendly and speak English very well. The highest ranking civilian Turk on their compound, whom I will refer to as TJ, is very personable and seems to know everyone. I met TJ once in passing, but with those damned blinders on, I didn’t notice how ruggedly attractive he was. I wouldn’t notice this until I was actually given reason to pay attention.

The day after our casual meeting, a friend of mine said that TJ told her that "I have beautiful eyes". He asked if I was married. I must keep my cuckoldry and military career completely separate and so without knowing my privileges, she told him that I am, indeed, married. TJ is a very, very rich man with a lot of civilian power. I (jokingly) reprimanded her for telling a Turkish millionaire that I am married.

I would only see TJ in passing a couple more times in the next month. Finally, on my only day off, I happened to be with the exact same friend who threw me under the bus and we ran into TJ. He invited us out to his compound for Turkish coffee (buyer beware on the Turkish coffee). She personally accepted the invitation, but didn’t comment on my attending. I turned to her and asked her to come pick me up in the HMVV. He smiled. And we parted.

I honestly had no idea what was in store for this event. When I am unsure of what to say in any given situation, I just say anything. It tends to break the ice a bit. While sitting in TJ’s office, I noticed a few strands of Mardi Gras beads draped over a shelf. Being originally from the Gulf Coast, I started talking about Mardi Gras. I coyly mentioned white beads. Why would a Turkish man know the symbolism behind being given white beads? I cornered myself into attempting a tactful explanation of how and why a woman is given white beads. The Turks may speak English well, but there will always be a bit of a language barrier. Once I finally used the word, "boobs", they were completely on point with the white beads. At that point, TJ left and came back with a handful of loose white beads and a string. While we talked he carefully strung the beads together. Once the necklace was complete, he invited us all back to his room for cigars.

In TJ’s (private, I might add) room, we smoked cigars and continued the conversation that was growing ever colorful by the topic. My friend excused herself to the bathroom and TJ put the white bead necklace around my neck and tucked it inside my shirt. I was absolutely unsure of how to react. I just smiled at him. Luckily, I didn’t do anything because my friend returned right after that.

My friend and I got our things together to get ready to head back to our tents. TJ walked me to the HMVV and hugged me goodbye. He whispered in my ear that he wants to see me again. To avoid appearing as if I were trying to hide anything, I answered him in a normal voice and asked when he would like to get together again. He asked if I could come to dinner the very next night. I agreed and we left.

That evening I called hubby and told him about what happened that day. I was excited and dripping with anticipation while hubby feverishly beat his cock over the phone. I went back to my tent and couldn’t sleep. I just laid awake and thought of all the possibilities. I ended up masturbating twice before I fell asleep (my wonderful cuckold slipped a glass dildo into my pack before I left for the airport).

In case you do not already know, any type of sexual contact with someone other than your spouse while in the military is strictly forbidden and severely punishable. Factor in the fact that the other person is a third country national and the stakes get even higher.

That next day took forever to come and go. I was energetically anticipating my evening on the Turkish compound. I figured that the dinner that he proposed was going to be a group dinner. The Turks are notorious for big barbeques and I figured that was exactly what this would be. The end of my shift finally came and I headed back to the tents. When I got there seated next to my commanding officer, TJ was parked next to our tents. Luckily, he played his visit off for another reason. I quickly went into the tents as if I had no idea why TJ was there and changed for our date. TJ picked me up around the corner out of view.

When we got to his compound, we went straight to his room. My thoughts of a barbeque were thrown out the window when I found a table set up with dinner for two in the middle of his room. I had never had Turkish food before, but it was delicious. He explained to me that he, personally, prepared this meal for me. He playfully fed me a few bites. He rose from the table to turn on some music. I have no idea what the music was because it was Turkish. When he returned to the table, he began massaging my shoulders and neck. This was a very welcomed gesture because although we are in Asia, we have no Asian massage parlors here. He softly kissed my neck. I instantly got tingles throughout my whole body that seemed to centralize in my ever moistening nether region. He stood me up in front of him and kissed me. I do not mean to digress in my story, but I must pay special attention to the detail of this kiss. TJ’s kiss was the most passionate kiss I have ever had in my life. It was firm and deep. He seemed to suck my kiss from my mouth. It is almost indescribable. He began to undress me and laid me on his bed. He too undressed and laid on top of me still kissing me the entire time. When he finally broke his kiss, he began to kiss down my chest and stomach and then just as firmly as his kiss, he buried his face deep into my pussy. I came almost instantly.

We fucked all night long. Just as soon as he would cum he would be ready to take me again. I completely forgot that I was in the middle of Afghanistan. I completely forgot about everything except for the immense pleasure that had consumed me the entire night. I slept there in his bed, on his compound that night. We woke early enough for him to drive me back to my tent before anyone else woke. I was so sore all the next day, but it was so fucking worth the pain. My breasts were covered in bruises, my pussy ached, and I think I might have walked a little bow-legged. I definitely looked a little worn for wear.

This top secret love affair has been ongoing since then. It helps pass my time. Hubby has finally adapted to his circumstances after a few cuckold temper tantrums. I only have three more months left of this. I wonder how much I will crave some Turkish Delight once I get back home…

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