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Saturday, May 14, 2011

Turkish Delight!

Hello again all the way from Afghanistan. I hope that this blog post finds you all in high spirits and good health. Things are well here, that is, as well as to be expected.

While reading the next several paragraphs, you must keep in mind that I am in the thick of the war. This is absolutely a hot combat zone. My posts in the past have been filled with details of very hot and sexual stories of my experiences. This post, unfortunately, cannot contain too much detail to avoid revealing too much about myself and my location. Also, these events may not seem as erotic as ones in the past, but you must keep in mind that although details are plainer, I am still cuckolding my husband from across the world in a combat zone.

Even while I was still in Colorado waiting to leave for my deployment, hubby was begging me to cuckold him while I was gone. Training and traveling can be stressful. I honestly blocked out all thoughts of sex and cuckoldry for about two months. Despite this, hubby never let up. He asked me daily if I had found anyone to cuckold him with. I just wasn’t seeing men as anything sexual. I missed my family and I was stressed beyond all compare. Hubby hoped that I would eventually calm my nerves and find someone to unwind with. I think, in the back of his mind that he always figured that it would be another military member. I am sure that he was just certain that the choice man would at least be an American… My, how life throws us all curve balls!

I seemed to walk everyday as if I were wearing blinders. I didn’t notice men and I especially didn’t seem to notice the sexual yearning that had been growing for nearly two months. Our base is inhabited with all branches of the military, several forces from other countries, local nationals and third country nationals (foreign contractors). Several fellow team members kept ranting about how much fun they had when they visited the Turkish compound on our base. I heard stories of how nice the Turks were. The Turks are foreign civilian contractors. They have their own compound within our base. They are very friendly and speak English very well. The highest ranking civilian Turk on their compound, whom I will refer to as TJ, is very personable and seems to know everyone. I met TJ once in passing, but with those damned blinders on, I didn’t notice how ruggedly attractive he was. I wouldn’t notice this until I was actually given reason to pay attention.

The day after our casual meeting, a friend of mine said that TJ told her that "I have beautiful eyes". He asked if I was married. I must keep my cuckoldry and military career completely separate and so without knowing my privileges, she told him that I am, indeed, married. TJ is a very, very rich man with a lot of civilian power. I (jokingly) reprimanded her for telling a Turkish millionaire that I am married.

I would only see TJ in passing a couple more times in the next month. Finally, on my only day off, I happened to be with the exact same friend who threw me under the bus and we ran into TJ. He invited us out to his compound for Turkish coffee (buyer beware on the Turkish coffee). She personally accepted the invitation, but didn’t comment on my attending. I turned to her and asked her to come pick me up in the HMVV. He smiled. And we parted.

I honestly had no idea what was in store for this event. When I am unsure of what to say in any given situation, I just say anything. It tends to break the ice a bit. While sitting in TJ’s office, I noticed a few strands of Mardi Gras beads draped over a shelf. Being originally from the Gulf Coast, I started talking about Mardi Gras. I coyly mentioned white beads. Why would a Turkish man know the symbolism behind being given white beads? I cornered myself into attempting a tactful explanation of how and why a woman is given white beads. The Turks may speak English well, but there will always be a bit of a language barrier. Once I finally used the word, "boobs", they were completely on point with the white beads. At that point, TJ left and came back with a handful of loose white beads and a string. While we talked he carefully strung the beads together. Once the necklace was complete, he invited us all back to his room for cigars.

In TJ’s (private, I might add) room, we smoked cigars and continued the conversation that was growing ever colorful by the topic. My friend excused herself to the bathroom and TJ put the white bead necklace around my neck and tucked it inside my shirt. I was absolutely unsure of how to react. I just smiled at him. Luckily, I didn’t do anything because my friend returned right after that.

My friend and I got our things together to get ready to head back to our tents. TJ walked me to the HMVV and hugged me goodbye. He whispered in my ear that he wants to see me again. To avoid appearing as if I were trying to hide anything, I answered him in a normal voice and asked when he would like to get together again. He asked if I could come to dinner the very next night. I agreed and we left.

That evening I called hubby and told him about what happened that day. I was excited and dripping with anticipation while hubby feverishly beat his cock over the phone. I went back to my tent and couldn’t sleep. I just laid awake and thought of all the possibilities. I ended up masturbating twice before I fell asleep (my wonderful cuckold slipped a glass dildo into my pack before I left for the airport).

In case you do not already know, any type of sexual contact with someone other than your spouse while in the military is strictly forbidden and severely punishable. Factor in the fact that the other person is a third country national and the stakes get even higher.

That next day took forever to come and go. I was energetically anticipating my evening on the Turkish compound. I figured that the dinner that he proposed was going to be a group dinner. The Turks are notorious for big barbeques and I figured that was exactly what this would be. The end of my shift finally came and I headed back to the tents. When I got there seated next to my commanding officer, TJ was parked next to our tents. Luckily, he played his visit off for another reason. I quickly went into the tents as if I had no idea why TJ was there and changed for our date. TJ picked me up around the corner out of view.

When we got to his compound, we went straight to his room. My thoughts of a barbeque were thrown out the window when I found a table set up with dinner for two in the middle of his room. I had never had Turkish food before, but it was delicious. He explained to me that he, personally, prepared this meal for me. He playfully fed me a few bites. He rose from the table to turn on some music. I have no idea what the music was because it was Turkish. When he returned to the table, he began massaging my shoulders and neck. This was a very welcomed gesture because although we are in Asia, we have no Asian massage parlors here. He softly kissed my neck. I instantly got tingles throughout my whole body that seemed to centralize in my ever moistening nether region. He stood me up in front of him and kissed me. I do not mean to digress in my story, but I must pay special attention to the detail of this kiss. TJ’s kiss was the most passionate kiss I have ever had in my life. It was firm and deep. He seemed to suck my kiss from my mouth. It is almost indescribable. He began to undress me and laid me on his bed. He too undressed and laid on top of me still kissing me the entire time. When he finally broke his kiss, he began to kiss down my chest and stomach and then just as firmly as his kiss, he buried his face deep into my pussy. I came almost instantly.

We fucked all night long. Just as soon as he would cum he would be ready to take me again. I completely forgot that I was in the middle of Afghanistan. I completely forgot about everything except for the immense pleasure that had consumed me the entire night. I slept there in his bed, on his compound that night. We woke early enough for him to drive me back to my tent before anyone else woke. I was so sore all the next day, but it was so fucking worth the pain. My breasts were covered in bruises, my pussy ached, and I think I might have walked a little bow-legged. I definitely looked a little worn for wear.

This top secret love affair has been ongoing since then. It helps pass my time. Hubby has finally adapted to his circumstances after a few cuckold temper tantrums. I only have three more months left of this. I wonder how much I will crave some Turkish Delight once I get back home…

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Well hello there, do you remember me...?

Hello, everyone!

It has been quite some time since I have last blogged. I have an excellent explaination for this lapse in communication. I am currently deployed in Afghanistan. I am not sure if I have leaked the fact that I am active duty military or not, but I have four more months here in the desert. For security reasons, I can only vaguely state that I am in the country of Afghanistan. I will not answer questions as to which branch I am in or how long I have been serving. Hubby just asked me today if I would start blogging again. I had actually completely forgotten about my ongoing blog. I can say that I have a few juicy stories to share. I am actively cuckolding hubby even from Afghanistan. Oh, it is so delightful and makes for a great story. Stay tuned. Things are very busy here and my time is alway occupied. More to come soon...

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Woe is me…

So my last blog left you with an intense description of my adventures with J. bull and I promised to explain a little more in detail about my new girlfriend. This blog addition will encompass my girlfriend, whom I will endearingly refer to as “Kitty”, and my recent misadventures. Without further ado…

Kitty and I met on FetLife and it was an instant click. She and I seem to be mirror images of each other. It was so relieving to have found another woman, a hot woman no less, that shared the same views on sex as I do. Kitty and I decided to hit the town and shake shit up a bit.

I have never mentioned the Italian before, but he comes into play on this night. The Italian reads my blogs and was very interested in me and what I do. He called me incessantly (and annoyingly, I might add). He was incapable of holding a conversation about anything except sex- oh and panties jobs (which I had to Google to find out what they were).

So when the Italian called and asked what I was doing for the weekend, notoriously honest me answers with the truth. I told him that my girlfriend and I were headed downtown to the clubs for dancing. I got somewhat lost as to when this happened, but somehow the Italian invited himself along. I am always amazed at how fast thoughts can process in a split second, but in that minute timeframe I was able to fluidly move from the thoughts: “I really don’t want to see this creepy jackass” to “this creepy jackass wants to spend money on me and this night on the town could be free…” Being a Cuckoldress comes so natural to some.

Kitty and I were dressed to the nines that night. Kitty wore a sexy pair of slinky black groucho pants and a very low cut (extremely low cut) pattern printed tank top with little bitty kitty heels (tee-hee, that kitty reference was not intended). I wore a completely see through pink tank top with a black bra, a short denim skirt with lace legging underneath, and a pair of clear heeled platform, six inch heels with diamond studs down the stiletto. The night hadn’t even started yet, it was still daylight, and we were already turning heads.

The Italian shows up reeking of smoke, but he had lots of cash… We went to the first club, {It is known that I reside in Colorado Springs, so I will use the actual names of the clubs.} Blondie’s is a very laid back, very grown-up type of atmosphere. There is no dancing. There is even a piano. It is always nice to start the night off slowly here. The Italian stepped up to the bar and asked what I drink. My usual is Malibu, Diet Coke, and a lime. He ordered an entire round of the same drink. We had three, I believe, before the Italian started telling us how he would buy us a pair of panties for every day of the year. His bullshit was getting deep, but as long as he kept buying drinks and paying the cover charge then he could come along.

We left and went to Cowboys almost directly across the street. I believe that we only had one drink here (of the same sort). Kitty and I were not dressed for Cowboys, but it is pretty much standard that you must hit Cowboys at least once at some point in your adventures down Tejon Street. The Italian did what he was supposed to do; he paid the cover charge and bought the drinks. Kitty and I went to the bathroom and I pulled her into the handicapped stall. I kissed her hard. I lightly kissed down her neck while sliding my hand into her pants. Finally, I pulled her pants down (while trying to balance on my six inch stripper heels) and ate her right there. Just about the time she started to moan, people came into the bathroom and we headed back out onto the dance floor. Kitty and I danced the Electric Slide and left and headed to The Ritz.

Usually The Ritz has a live band on the weekends. I love a live band and so I was the one who urged to go there. I do not drink often and I am not able to hold my liquor very well. Kitty and I headed to the bathroom again. After everything was said and done, I began to kiss Kitty again. It was getting passionate when the (women’s) restroom door flew open and there was the Italian! He had no concept of how to properly behave in public in the United States. He was annoying. We left the bathroom and the Italian bought us Malibu drinks again. We left because the band was not that good and this club is known for fights.

Next and last on the list for the night was Rum Bay. The Italian paid our cover and bought us a drink. Kitty and I started dancing and we were an instant dance floor spectacle! She and I were dancing together and some black guy started grinding against the back of her and almost immediately after another black guy was grinding behind me. She and I kissed and danced and everyone was watching. Oddly enough, the Italian started *trying* to dance with the four of us, but it was awkward and we just pushed him out. At one point, the Italian asked Kitty and I if we were going to buy him a drink. We laughed, said no, and turned to go back to the dance floor. About the time that the Italian financially cut us off, we completely cut him off. We didn’t even know where he was in the club and we could care less.

Kitty had found her a pretty little muscle built black man and I had a massive black man on my side too. We sat down to give our feet a rest. We looked like a pretty little Oreo cookie (pardon the horrible analogy) with a black man on either side of us and her and I snuggled next to each other.

We gave our phone numbers to each respective guy and took our little party out to the alley. Being fingered in the alley is so much fun! I am not sure if it was the alcohol or the excitement of the night, but I really enjoyed being fingered at that point.

Then the Italian found us….

We decided at that point it was time to go home. Kitty called a friend to come and pick us up. We climbed into the car while the Italian was whining and begging us to come to a hotel with him. Kitty and her friend dropped me off in front of my house. Hubby came out to greet me on the sidewalk. He begged to fuck me. I was just drunk enough to let him, at least for a few minutes…

The next day, the Italian begged Kitty and I to let him take us out again. We agreed and said that he could meet us the next Friday at McKenzie’s Chop House downtown. We only agreed because it was a very reputable restaurant and it included him blowing more money on us. Kitty and I had already come to the understanding that we would have to eventually give a little to get a little… meaning that we were prepared to put out a little ass to keep the cash flow moving.

We agreed to meet the Italian at 7:30. The Italian was coming from Boulder which is an hour and a half drive at the least. So when she and I arrived downtown at 7:00, I called him to see where he was at. He didn’t answer. The call went to voice mail. I waited a few minutes and tried again. Again, it went to voice mail. Kitty did the same thing and twice it went to voice mail. That was it! No second chances.

We called hubby for ideas for the rest of the night. Hubby offered to chauffeur us around town. This allowed for Kitty and I to have a little fun in the backseat. Hubby parked the car in a remote parking lot and Kitty and I began undressing each other. She has such a pretty pussy! I began to finger fuck her. I started with just two fingers, but the more she started to thrash around, I increased it to four fingers. She moaned and coyly bit her lip. She was so incredibly hot and I could feel that she was about to cum. She whispered for me to go faster. The faster I pumped my hand into her pussy the more she thrashed and the louder she got. Finally, she began to cum and squirted me everywhere. It was so beautiful! After she came, I kissed her and we both suddenly remembered that hubby was in the driver’s seat. We looked over and hubby was feverishly pumping his cock with a look of shock on his face. He was too cute.

The work week drug on and on and finally we came to the long holiday weekend. Yesterday I decided to take a bit of a “me day” and I went shopping at the mall. The black guy from Rum Bay, whom I will refer to as “T”, text me and asked if I had any time for meeting him. Sure, why the hell not? I told him he could meet me at the Citadel Mall. We walked around and talked a little bit and decided to go all the way back across town to Indigo Joe’s for lunch. While we were at lunch, T kept looking at his cell phone. I asked him if he had any place to be. He replied, “Hopefully inside of you after this.” That was cute. Okay, sure… Let’s do this.

I followed him back to his apartment. He let me in and I was immediately taken aback by the filth! I couldn’t believe it. He seemed to be at ease in this pig sty. He lead me into what I can only assume was his bedroom, and presented an un-sheeted mattress and began kissing on me. You have got to be fucking kidding me! I made him spread a sheet over the mattress before I would even walk near it. I figured I would give it a go… He did have a pretty big cock…

The whole act of sex just seemed to be him jostling me around on the mattress. It was probably the worst fuck I have ever had! Horrible! To add to his filthy house, he pulled the condom off and threw it on the floor! UGH! I quickly dressed and left. I called hubby and explained that THAT would never happen again (meaning I would never fuck that guy again).

He text me later and ranted about what a great lay I am and how he can’t wait to fuck me again. What the fuck? I know that I am a good lay. I know exactly what I bring to the table in a sexual encounter. Why don’t men wear some sort of warning around their necks announcing that they are an awful lay?

Woe is me…

Monday, June 14, 2010

J. Bull

If you religiously follow my Twitter profile then you will have already been anticipating this particular blog… As I have mentioned in my most recent blurb announcing more upcoming blogs, I have recently fell into a relationship with my “boyfriend”. I may be in a relationship, but I am not committed. I am only committed to one person and that is my cuckolded hubby. A friend recently summed it all up in a quote, “You are not afraid of commitment; you are terrified of monogamy.” Yes, yes… that is me in a proverbial nutshell. So in addition to my new boyfriend, I have also been talking to J. Bull. I was going to combine a blog of my transgressions with J. Bull and a new girl I met recently, but I finally decided that J. Bull deserves a blog all to himself (stay tuned, the blog about the girl is next)…

J. Bull and I didn’t seem to have the best start. He annoyed me and misinterpreted most of everything I said. After a while, I think he began to understand that most of what I say is either sarcasm or is so smart assed that it is not to be taken seriously. After a break in communication for almost a month, he (strategically, I think) began texting me again just to “see how things were going”. After only about a week, I began to really look forward to chatting with him. How could this be? I had no intention of getting too in depth with this guy. He was a cocky asshole. He was arrogant. He was just too damn smart. As it turns out, those traits that disgusted me so much before the communication break are exactly the traits that drew me to him later.

Last Saturday evening, I unintentionally showed up for our date 30 minutes late. Geez! I am never late! Great first impression…

Hubby was supposed to sit in the bar with us to do what he loves and does best… watch. I realize what a small bar this was and we decided that he should wait in the car instead. Hubby decided that he was going to go for a drive to process his cuckold thoughts… too bad because it all began right there on the very curb where he dropped me off.

I arrived at the bar and called J. Bull and told him to come outside. The streets were bare and the bar was more than half empty. I could have easily found him in the bar, but I always try to have some sort of control of any situation. When he came out the door, there was no mistaking who I was… He immediately walked up to me and kissed me. That was equally surprising and pleasing. I have never been initially greeted for the first time like that. This was off to a nice start.

It was such a small bar that they didn’t serve merlot or Malibu (not to mention that they didn’t even have lime). I was a little put off by how apparently backwoods this bar was turning out to be. J. Bull brought my very simple drink to me. We began to talk. An hour flew by like nothing. I was very much enjoying the conversation. I cannot really recall who made the suggestion, but we ended up walking down the alley right next to the bar. Just as I began to make a joke about how a psycho would take me down a dark alley, he had one hand around my neck and the other firmly gripped in my hair. He shoved me up against the wall and began kissing me, nibbling my neck and rubbing my crotch through my pants. He began ripping at my pants to get them down. Instead of risking him ruining my favorite pants, I unbuttoned them for him. His hand immediately slipped inside my pants and he had two fingers deep inside my pussy and was rubbing my clit with his thumb. I was so dumbfounded and lost in the moment that I couldn’t even think. I couldn’t resist. I could only exist and be consumed by him. I came. I came quickly and definitely. I was weak in my legs. I was wobbly on my high heels. That is about the time that I realized exactly how bright the area we were in was and exactly how public and exposed we were. I told him that I would return the favor, but we had to find a more secluded spot.

Without missing a beat, J. Bull laced his fingers in mine and we began walking. We walked and talked and joked and poked fun of each other, but didn’t find an appropriately secluded place for me to take him to an equally euphoric level of orgasm. Then, as if we were a couple of sex drunk teenagers, we realized that although a truck may not be optimal, it was definitely an option.

He walked me to his massive truck (no, he was not compensating for anything by the way). This truck was so large (the size of the truck matters for reference later in this blog) that I literally had to climb up and into the front seat. The only other truck that I have been in that may have been bigger (the cab) was a U-Haul type of truck. He started driving to look for a secluded road. We found this desolate road. I think it might have lead to a private drive, but he still pulled off to the side and parked.

J. Bull killed the engine and started toward me. He started grabbing at my pants again. I pushed him back and tried for his pants because what’s fair is fair… It was his turn. We fought and struggled for a little while trying to overpower each other. In the end, of course, he won. Not many men are truly dominant. Most men are either entirely or partly submissive. J. Bull is entirely and completely dominant. It was so refreshing and invigorating to be completely dominated. Once he got my pants and heels off, he started licking and kissing the bottom of my foot. I have been privy to a great variety of fetishes and yet I have never had someone dote on my feet like this before. I was enthralled with the new sensations.

He buried his face in my dripping wet pussy. I came almost instantly! He nuzzled my clit a little more before pulling his face up for me to lick it clean. I was in heaven! At that point, I got my chance to focus all my energy and graciousness on him. I sucked his cock with as much attention and detail as I could muster (in such a confined place). We went back and forth like this several times. Honestly it all becomes a bit of a blur for me. I know at one point, he went down on my pussy and strategically found my g-spot. I have never said such a constant string of curse words in my life. I was thrashing around in the front seat of his truck.

The air was thick and the windows were fogged and I was practically spent, but he leaned forward for me to clean his face. I felt his dick press against my lacy panties. I reach down and began to rub the head of his cock against the lace. It felt so good that I pulled my panties aside and rubbed the head of his dick directly against my clit. I wanted him. I was trembling! I wanted him so badly!

I think it was all part of his sexual strategy, but he pulled back and told me to clean my juices off his cock. Not a problem… Again, everything is so euphoric that it gets blurry. He was again, over top of me and I was again rubbing his dick all over my pulsating pussy. My body was begging him for his. I wanted him inside me so desperately! Then without any sort of warning, he slammed his cock inside me and began pounding me with a ferocity that I have never before experienced. I wasn’t sure if I was in ecstasy or fear or pain or even still in the truck at that point. I have never experienced anything like that before. Then, in the midst an experience I will surely remember until my dying day, an orgasm exploded inside me. I felt as if my insides were on fire. Any words I choose in an attempt to describe this moment fall short and fail to convey exactly how I felt.

J. Bull pulled away again and told me to clean his cock yet again. Happily, I began slurping on his cock hoping to bring him to at least a small portion of the pleasure he just gave me. I have no idea how long I was down there, but at one point he jerked and started saying, “Lights, lights, lights…” I looked up and saw a set of headlights behind us. I was expecting the car to pass us like another has earlier, but this one pulled up right next to the truck. With adrenaline surging, I began to scramble to pull my pants on and I don’t even think he had his pants on before he tried to turn the truck around with a 15-point turn (remember the truck size reference). We sped out of there. Once we got to a main road, J. Bull stopped to pull his pants on. It was all so frightening and exciting. I felt like I was 17 again!

I called hubby and told him where to meet us. We pulled up into the parking lot of a closed restaurant. J. Bull told me to suck his dick while we waited for hubby to come pick me up. Obligingly, I leaned over on my knees (my ass slightly in the air) and began sucking his cock that was still perfumed with my pussy. Hubby pulled up behind the truck and called my cell phone (he has a unique ring tone so that I know it is him without even looking). I ignored the call and finished sucking his cock. He began to moan and then started yelling and shot a hot load of cum deep into my throat. I had never heard a man cum like that before. It was so hot! I kissed him goodbye and got into the vehicle with hubby.

Hubby already had his dick out because apparently he was watching the truck sway back and forth while I sucked him dry. Hubby took me home to enjoy a nice little slice of cream pie…

Even typing this blog out now and thinking about this event and even about him, I have butterflies in my stomach and a pulse in my nether-region… He literally sent me over the edge and we were confined to the front seat of a truck. I cannot wait to have him (or really him have me) in an actual bed- or at least a building.

Monday, May 31, 2010

HEY! Long Time No See!

I know it has been months since my last actual blog. I know I keep promising to answer your questions. I promise to keep that promise! Let me give you an update to my craziness known as life…

As I mentioned in many of my other blogs, my cucky hubby was out of town for an extremely long amount of time. He finally came back at the beginning of this year. That should make life easier, right…? Well, in a sense, it did, but it has still been quite an adjustment period. Then you factor in some fast paced school I had to attend and you have a recipe for stress. Oh… but there is more… Sprinkle in my parents moving into our house and you have a cake fit for a nervous breakdown!

Seriously, though, all is very well and fine for my family and me. It is just very difficult for me to find private time to sit down and blog. I have been able to become more active on my other social network sites (FetLife and FaceBook), but to take the time to write a blog and edit it was going to be tricky. The only reason I am able to do it now is because it is Memorial Day and I set my alarm.

I still have to share the story of my cuckolding my hubby the night he flew back home and waited for me at the airport while I was being consumed by gianormous black cock. I still have to elaborate on the few stories I have alluded to in other blogs. I also still have to explain this relationship I have just begun and how infatuated and head over heels I am for my new “boyfriend”.

I had to sever ties between my blog, Twitter account, FaceBook and my FetLife account. I met my new boyfriend on FetLife. So I am sure I am going to get a little itch for some strange at some point, and you all know that I will (eventually) blog about my escapades. I am really falling hard for my new boyfriend, but I am just not cut out for a monogamous relationship (ask my hubby). Now, my cuckold hubby may get turned on about my cheating on him, but my boyfriend may not enjoy it so much. So… I separated my accounts so that my boyfriend won’t know when I cheat on him. Make sense?

Okay ya’ll, stay tuned and I will try to sneak some more time to keep you updated!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010


As I mentioned in previous posts, I am looking to get out and date more soon. I have absolutely no problem picking up men, but I thought I would reach out and try this…

If (and ONLY if) you are in the Colorado Springs area and would like to meet with me you must follow these set rules:

1. You must be at least 21 years old and be able to produce photo identification to prove this age.

2. Send me a private message (via my facebook link, under my tweets and profile picture on this site) with the following information:
a. First name
b. Age
c. Height/ Weight
d. Cock size
i. HONEST length and girth
ii. Cock photo
e. A face photo

3. You must be flexible and project a date and place to meet.
a. I have my own personal life; I prefer dates on evenings and weekends.
b. This will be an actual date. Although I will meet you at your proposed (public) place, you will be a chivalrous date and pay the bill.
c. You must not whine or complain if I have to change our date (I do have my own personal/private life outside of cuckoldry).

4. You must be willing to provide a cell phone number and send/receive text and have an occasional phone conversation by my discretion.

5. You must be wiling to communicate for a stint of time to establish comfort levels before the actual meeting.

If the date goes well and we mutually decide to set a date and time to fuck… You have more rules:

1. You must be able to furnish proof of health (i.e. STD tests) if requested.
2. You must be able/willing to provide a place for us to fuck (the backseat of you vehicle does NOT count).
a. If we decide to continue fucking regularly:
i. You must be willing to fuck me in front of my husband
ii. You must be willing to be photographed (identifying features blurred or distorted).
3. You must wear a condom… NO EXCEPTIONS!

I am NOT interested in:
1. Cuckolding other men (besides my husband)
2. Anal sex
3. BDSM (any sort of sexual violence)
4. Liars: If you lie to me about ANYTHING whatsoever, you are out and will not be given a second chance.

If you are willing to abide by these rules, then please send me a message and maybe we can get together sometime.

Monday, February 1, 2010

In the beginning…

I have had several requests for me to dive into the stories about how our cuckold lifestyle got started. It has taken me a few days to really reflect on my/our past to decide exactly how I would present this. I finally came to the conclusion that the only appropriate way to present it was in its rawest and truest form.

Ready or not, here it comes…

I (for lack of a less clich├ęd phrase) blossomed at a very young age. Girls who look like women also seem to develop their sexuality on a different level than other girls their age. Because of my hyper-developed body and sexuality developing right behind it, I always got a lot of attention. I tried very hard to maintain my strong Baptist upbringing, but masturbation seemed to be my only secret outlet. I masturbated often and at a young age. Soon my seemingly insatiable appetite for self-sexual-gratification grew curiouser, and curiouser. My virginity had to go! I lost it at age 14 and, depending on which perspective you take, it was all downhill (or uphill) from there.

A devout Baptist southern girl must maintain appearances and a loose-girl reputation would surely tarnish that appearance. I knew I was sleeping around, but I just didn’t talk about it. No harm no foul, right? I remember, distinctly, asking my bestfriend in high school if she thought I was a slut. She carefully responded, “You aren’t exactly a slut, but I think you are a little easy.”

Society deems any girl or woman who deeply loves sex as a slut. Society has also added the negative connotations to the word “slut”. I wanted to experience as much as I could sexually as often as I could. Being called “easy” didn’t seem to deter me. I moved on to my first threesome and polyamorous relationship in just the 10th grade. By the 11th grade I decided that I didn’t want to be with any *one* boy and refused any and all propositions of exclusive dating. I was the only teenage girl I knew that carried her own box of condoms.

Years passed and I was still an active “closet slut”, but I felt sure that something was really missing. I was blatantly submissive. Being submissive felt hollow and meaningless. It never felt fulfilling. Something was surely missing and my aching craving for fulfillment grew exponentially.

I learned to hide these pursuits from any man I was seeing. Men tend to frown on the thought of the woman that they were fucking was off fucking around any time they were not sexually available. Cavemen… Then I met hubby (he was obviously not referred to then as “hubby”, but for the benefit of a more streamlined story, he will from here on out be known as “hubby” regardless of the referenced time period)…

I am not going to get into all the goo-goo ga-gas of it all. There was definitely a spark between hubby and me. We were ravenous for each other, but we mutually decided that because we both acknowledged this spark we would wait to sleep together. This plan felt emotionally satisfying but physically disappointing. I would spend “quality” emotional time with hubby and once I left his house or he dropped me off at my house, I was out on the prowl or on the phone calling over a booty call. I suppose I was cuckolding hubby before I even knew about cuckoldry.

Slowly hubby began to drop clues that I mentally took note of, but hadn’t added them up to anything. One of the most notable clues that he dropped was also a blatant clue… maybe a last ditch effort to pull me in… was when hubby asked me if I knew the definition of “cuckold”. This makes me laugh even to this day when I think of it. Hubby actually wanted me to take out a dictionary and look up the word.

I had never heard of this word… this ideology… this lifestyle before. It all seemed surreal. It seemed unlikely. It seemed just way too good to be true! Was it possible that I could be with the man that I had fallen for AND still get as much cock as I did before? Was this what it was meant by the phrase “have your cake and eat it too”?

Hubby baby-stepped me into everything. I think he approached it all properly that way because I couldn’t shake this paranoid feeling that he was setting me up. First, hubby explained that I was such an amazing sexual woman that he couldn’t bear to keep me all to himself. He felt that he had to share me. So I continued sleeping with all my old booty calls.

Then he explained how hot it would be if he was able to watch me fuck someone else. Hubby and I will never forget the first time he watched me fuck. We still laugh about it to this day. The lucky “Bull” didn’t last but maybe 5 minutes. It all turned out to be more awkward than hot, but everyone has to start somewhere.

Hubby even expressed his desire to be chastised and how desperately he wanted to be fed a cream pie.

I think that the first cream pie was the hardest thing for him. As much as he fantasized about tasting another man’s cum straight out of me, it still repulsed him to an extent. Practice makes perfect… I think what finally pulled him through his reservations was when he was enjoying his sloppy seconds (my favorite) and he pulled out his dick and realized it was covered with another man’s cum (also my favorite). Cream pies seem to come easier for him after that.

I am sure I do not have to explain how at some point through all of this I found a dominant seed inside me. Cuckoldry made this dominance grow and grow. The unsure, submission that was in me before is no where to be found now.

We have taken some hard knocks in and around our cuckoldry, but we never doubted it. Nothing has ever fit as well as cuckoldry and my hubby.